Hey, my name’s Nick and I live in the Chicago suburbs with my wonderful wife Jenna and our stuffed dog, Rufus. I went to school at Illinois State University (B.A., Organizational Communication, 2013) and I work as a marketing coordinator for Crossway and as a staff writer for Christ and Pop Culture.
  • Americana Music
  • Good Cinema
  • The Church
  • Jesus, The Head of the Church
  • Puns. Really Bad Puns.
  • Eastern European Literature
  • Cheap Coffee



  • American Songwriter
  • Uncut
  • Mojo
  • Film Comment
  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • Jaroslav Pelikan
  • The local paper
  • CS Lewis
  • Mark Noll
  • Christ and Pop Culture
  • Old Roger Ebert films reviews
  • Buzzfeed, to my shame
  • The Gospel Coalition
  • Things that I disagree with
  • Greil Marcus
  • The back of cereal boxes
  • Books about books
  • Books about movies
  • Movies in other languages
  • Stephen Prothero
  • Samuel Johnson
  • Francis Bacon
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