The Tree of Life | Preview & Reviews

Terrance Malicks 5th feature film, The Tree of Life in four decades is coming with huge critical hype and the biggest  yearly award in film under its belt (Cannes Film Festivals Palm d’Or, which rarely goes to an American film) is creating a cinematic buzz that has a lot of folks excited for its mass release July 8th. Critics are either calling this film (like most other Malick’s films) the best movie in decades or completely incoherent |

“The Tree of Life is astonishing in some spots, almost incoherent in others and if it doesn’t frustrate you at least some of the time … you’re not paying attention” -Bob MondelloNPR.or

” Tree’ delivers truths that don’t go down easy. No one with a genuine interest in the potential of film would think of missing”- Peter Travers Rolling Stone


“[Malick is] a meticulous visionary who knows where to place a camera, but he hasn’t a clue about how to tell a story with simplicity and coherence.”- Rex Reed New York Observer


“Better than a masterpiece — whatever that is — The Tree of Life is an eruption of a movie, something to live with, think, and talk about afterward.” Nick Pinkerton Village Voice


“What Malick does in “Tree of Life” is create the span of lives. Of birth, childhood, the flush of triumph, the anger of belittlement, the poison of resentment, the warmth of forgiving.” -Roger Ebert

But don’t take their word for it, Tree of Life will be getting a full release in about a week and a half, and is already playing in select theaters.

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