To Syria, With Apathy (via CaPC)

Why are we so desensitized to the bloodshed that is going on over in Syria? It isn’t about our media, our culture or our society: it’s inside us. We have a skewed relationship with tragedy that tends to result in cause-driven law or apathetic license. I wrote this article for Christ and Pop Culture as a call for a third approach to devastation: a gospel-centered approach.

Why are we so desensitized to such devastating reports of tragedy and injustice?

For the last fourteen months the crisis in Syria has carefully evaded the lives of most. There have been no successful viral campaigns to raise awareness of the events transpiring in Syria and while there have been a bevy of articles detailing the horrifying situation there, my twitter feed shows few non-reporters discussing the situation at all. Blogtown has been somewhat quiet on Syria compared to Kony, sex trafficking and last years Egyptian revolution. Recently CNN called the crisis in Syria ”…the biggest news story in the world“. But the American public seems to be largely unaware, with “The Walking Dead” finale drawing more google searches than Syria recently. Which raises the questions: what is going on over there? And are we missing something?

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