New Aesop Rock | ZZZ Top

Aesop Rock is more than just a dope NYC rapper, he’s to rap what Thelonious Monk is to jazz: nobody knows what the heck he is doing but it’s brilliant. His music is like hip-hop bebop with varying tempos and rhyme structures that make the mind stand at attention. The music is pure intellectual wordplay with historically rooted feeling about it. But enough with the lofty talk, Ace is dropping a new album next week on Rhymesayers!¬†Skelethon¬†comes out July 10th and this video single was just released last week. In a post music video world, a good music video has to standout and “ZZZ Top” does. With a cool narrative that gives homage to the old Chinese Kung Fu films, it’s worth a full watch. Not to mention the track is classic Aesop Rock- solid flow all throughout with abstract wordplay to make your head spin. Check out the video below.

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