Morning After Blues: Sobering Up After The False Promises of The Election

After billions of dollars of campaign money, months of savage punditry and enough rhetoric to embitter most of the population, it’s all over. Twitter talk has died down while evangelical voters post tweets about the lordship of Jesus that they snarked at in the heat of the election and Obama voters gloat, as if the world will all of a sudden shed it’s brokenness.


But I understand it all, very well. Because my heart is inclined towards the same reaction. While I may not play that game with voting in particular, I do it with jobs, writing opportunities, relationships and life events that offer me something that I think will reverse the effects of sin and cure the world around me. When these things fall through, I am shocked out of my delusion and soberly reminded of the truth: that life is outside of my sovereignty.


Since the idol of democracy has failed many Christians (who, realistically, should have realized that then the GOP choose a guy like Romney), maybe today can be the start of a turning point in the church where Christians put as much effort and action into loving each other, loving their neighbors, caring for the poor and giving sacrificially for the glory of God. You know, things that might actually satisfy.

And also, let’s bow out of divisive rhetoric that tears down and alienates. We will be mocked and insulted by those outside of the church regardless, so let’s be mocked and attacked for truly glorifying God through bold proclamation of truth and radical displays of love, even in the political realm.

I usually don’t like using this blog as a call to social action and pure, outright repentance, but it seems that possibly the hearts of many Christians may be a bit more tender today than they were yesterday. And as we enter another four years with a president who, realistically wont destroy the world and realistically won’t save the world, let’s follow the words of the apostle Peter: “

“Honor every one. Love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the emperor” (1 Peter 2:17)

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